Chefs with Food Allergies

Allergies in the News: UK Restaurant Owners Convicted of Manslaughter in Nut Allergy Death

AllergyNot only was the restaurant owner convicted of manslaughter due to failure to avoid nut allergies in their food, so was the delivery person. Read about the case in the New York Times

This is something that I've started to learn about- restaurants in the UK and EU must have an allergen menu available on request: 

Packaged foods in supermarkets in Britain and the European Union already carry information about allergens, but, for freshly prepared foods, takeout establishments and restaurants are required only to have the list of allergens available on request.

As far as I know, that also applies to cocktail ingredients in bars. 

I covered some allergy labelling information in this story for SevenFifty Daily a while back, including a link to what the allergens are that must be labelled in the UK.