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Talking About Allergies in Drinks with Food Allergy Specialist Live Wednesday May 27

This Wednesday I'll be doing a live Facebook chat with Tracy Stuckrath of  thrive! meetings & events.

Stuckrath has a history as an event planner now with a specialty in allergen and food sensitivity awareness, working as a consultant and speaker and continuing to assist with events.  

It should be an interesting talk as I don't know much about food allergies outside of cocktail ingredients, and with an increasing demand for specialty cocktails at events such as those she and I both assist with, we need to translate that awareness into cocktail allergen labeling - tricky when liquor brands legally don't have to disclose their ingredients!  

Please join us for the chat if you can. 


Join the chat on the Thrive Facebook page  on Wednesday May 27th at 9AM Pacific/noon Eastern.