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CocktailSafe in Canada's Globe and Mail Newspaper

Subscribers can access a story about CocktailSafe in the Globe and Mail (the story is paywalled). 

The article covers things like tobacco and activated charcoal with quotes from Trevor Kallies and Darcy O’Neil, and also some information about homemade ingredients in different parts of Canada: 

Some cocktail experimentation doesn’t fall under any regulatory regime. Canadian bartenders say provincial liquor inspectors and local restaurant health authorities rarely inquire into cocktail techniques and ingredients. In some jurisdictions, including Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, infusions are permitted, within certain guidelines (for example, B.C. advises licensees that the infusion ingredients should be “spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, candy or other substances intended for human consumption”). In Alberta, however, regulations specifically forbid “adulterating” liquor in this way, and that’s a sore point among some bartenders there.

You can read the whole story (if you're a subscriber) here

Globe and mail story

Three More Media Mentions for CocktailSafe

CocktailSafe has been mentioned in more media, according to my Google news alerts. 

The San Francisco Chronicle mentioned the website in a round-up of what Wine Editor Esther Mobley is reading

Cocktails & Bars also includes mention of CocktailSafe in their news round-up



And the new April print issue of Wine & Spirits magazine misprinted the website domain as, so as of today both that domain and point to this website. I'm not mad about it - I probably should have made that the main domain name in the first place!




A Few Media Mentions of CocktailSafe

The news is spreading about CocktailSafe! Here are some recent appearances in the media in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia: "The truth about copper Moscow mule mugs and other dangerous cocktail combos" "Mix Cocktails Safely With This New Website" "Camper English Launches Cocktail Ingredient Safety Website" "Bartenders warned against mixing some woods with liquor" "New resource highlights dangerous cocktail ingredients" "This website will help you to not kill your customers" "Your Moscow mule might look nice, but its copper mug can seriously harm you"


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